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available in the movie the joint be that you raise a movie that's the gateway to the ground imperial truly the socialist. you can a listen to the socialist that you see don't need to go and. run this in the kennel was that you know to retreat. norway mourns the for victims of friday's pounding and shooting massacre that claimed the lives of at least ninety three people and shook the country to its core . and i'm just very brave it says the killing of more than knowing two people was necessary and he was to go load one of the vetoes in a few moments and. thousands returned to the streets of madrid calling for the government to tackle unemployment and take action over the country's crippling recession. and no pie in the face this week for rupert murdoch but the media mogul still facing an opening round of questions in the u.s. over a phone hacking allegations after being grilled by the british parliament. for
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am in moscow to bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news here on our t.v. the entire country of norway has been shaken by friday's killing rampage as it more as the ninety three people massacred in the oslo bombing and youth camp shooting prime minister yet stoltenberg says the two days since the attacks have been filled with shock and tears but he's getting a bushel has more from awsome. it's a day of mourning there's a memorial service behind me attended by king harald of norway looking very somber the prime minister of norway says that the two days since the tragedy have seemed like an eternity the people of israel tense they're still trying to understand how something like this could have happened and the police say they'll still looking
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there's potential there are more victims to be found on the island is also just outside all slow there is criticism rising for the police but it took them from an hour or two now and a half to actually find the to find the killer and to stop the massacre so there is criticism of all storage fees over this over this tragic incident the suspect has admitted the crime he said that he wanted to change in society that he wanted to force revolution that it was an atrocious but necessary act to make the norwegian people realize and the society realize that it's going wrong he said it's not a crime more details are emerging about the suspect himself who posted a rant of fifteen hundred page rants on the internet saying how he went to various countries czech republic in the european union with its lax gun laws is what he said to look for guns and he explained how he was going to carry out this act so you can maybe understand what is. among community here that he wasn't before he was
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allowed to carry out his crimes he expressed violent and he muslim views he was briefly a member of the progress party here in norway which is anti immigrant and the ruling labor party is who he attacked first through a blast in the city center the government headquarters were hit by a car bomb that apparently he went to an oil and just outside where he attacked a group of children he was dressed in a police uniform he had a gun and he was shouting i'll kill everyone everyone must die we have pictures of her children swimming for survival hiding in the rocks and dramatic pictures of a ten year old. boy being saved so the tragedy of a nation really hear more now in this report brave christine was hit by the call bomb explosion in space and surrounded by broken clothes she stayed in the lawsuit to help the wounded a waitress just standing chaffing and then suddenly it just faded i was like i
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don't like a face just waiting for your booking lofted out like it's in their eyes how do you know that gets smashed that's all of them in everything this show patched up victims. drinks as a nation which is never suffered at the hands of terrorists before he says norwegians just didn't know how to react. lorne's from the from call some buildings. well some people told things gaming rolling on this man's watch suffered severe shock when their windows were blown out by the last but he says they're lucky to be alone he's thoughts go out so many young victims of the second attack i think about the vision the sheep the most keep. their heart and so it's just a couple still to atrocities produced many acts of heroism this is the dust settles
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on the world's worst mass shooting experts say it is also boise anger that the attacks were allowed to happen in the first place bangle truth or ignore dozens of hate messages from suspect anders behring breivik you haven't really been prepared for right wing extremism previously expressed fury at the government's open door policy on immigration blogs and twitter feeds that the shootings may reflect growing national position to fully immigration policies the political establishment or more they are relative the people that live in areas where there are simply no. immigrants so that was a poor people in north of the big pushed out of places they used to live live in and it's all for their drop stuff are in jeopardy muslims claim this disappointment that the killer turned out to be buoyant they want this guy to be muslim although muslim you know. it's for them it's
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a little bit strange because he's in the region so they talk too much about just about us it is not about the regions are said to be fed up with their brand of what's been dubbed radical liberalism it's the country's multicultural policies to turn the government against his own playing the way the far right. why don't. you to admit and there's a polite and respectful attitude towards that kind of thing and the mainstream media but the reality is that fifty percent often when generals are against multiculturalism it's people who try to pick up the pieces and bring meaning to this twentieth already thing it will sell relations between communities some expect the crackdown by police on the e.u. growing full right movements all of the spirit is slowly fueled resentment against europe's muslims victims are beginning to piece pope together this shuts at lloyd's
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it's experts warn this might not be the last such a tank as outrage at the perceived failure of a multicultural society grows the new bush will see oslo. margaret but we're going to hear from a.c.m. partners in chicago thinks the attack is likely to force norwegians to look at immigration issues in a new light. i think we just did it it really highlighted the in-ring i don't want to call it a problem i want to call it the you know integrated reality these huge influx of immigrants coming into norway and europe broadly you know most of the bible and most of the norwegians probably didn't know that was twenty five percent immigrant who are private they do a lot more now i think they're going to be you know people saying well gosh this guy was crazy but we have another pretty serious problem choose the prime minister leave the labor party generally did a great job you know comforting the nation it was twenty four hours or haptic they
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were you know. he did a great job comforting the nation here's the issue we people hearing we're right we're with the leader pretty good we have to do in norway is you know the. extent concern to people who are nervous about the immigrant population you know the whole lot of the more extreme groups you know these extreme views if that makes that and it's their own platform and facebook you know the average joe q godor we understand your concerns about this issue but we've seen where we've had a great interaction here is why is soon to be energy and you know governing through fear and they have to drop some of those you know who are through jingoistic policies but also who present you know a more positive view of norway or ward. crowds of protesters have gathered in the spanish capital madrid after marching there from across the country there are soaring unemployment the highest in the eurozone and the government's failure to
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tackle the country's recession or tears are an igloo show is in the center of madrid where demonstrators have set up camp. spain has one of the highest unemployment rates in the eurozone in fact it has the highest employment rates among the youth in the european union and of course this has resulted in thousands upon thousands of young people who cannot find a job in their home country taking matters into their own hands and protesting literally for days and days on end and back the process time started on the main goal may fifteenth of this year and this is why the movement this multi thousand people movement is called fifteen m. movement so this particular time anyhow but i come from several cities in fact more than a hundred cities from all across spain they are here by foot a lot of the about walk here here in order to come here very generous with the so-called summer zero emission expressed very indignation that pulls the margins of indignation at what the government is literally not doing to the situation in the
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country there's thousands of people i mean there you see can see they're gathering around the because for them this is a big deal they're trying to get all the attention that they can because they believe that their government is focusing instead on what they find that the w o and the world bank are doing not paying attention to the people in spain they demand more jobs in fact they're saying it's not about the high pensions it's not so much about the social benefits it's about simply getting it's often the very country they believe that they think that their own chances they can get something they have actually set up camp right here in the middle of one of the fold the happened here for days and they think that if they continue to push their opinion peacefully they will reach their desired goal that remember that all of this is toughening right when but right when the situation is in some other european countries like in a neighbor in portugal or in greece is anything is basically everything but dire greece has received another be allowed but a lot of critics are saying that that is not going to help the country in any way
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a portugal has been downgraded by several agencies to have this. he has been blacklisted for the economic woes and the spanish don't want their country to go down the drain there again like i said before they're calling on the government to stop wanting to focus on the matters in the country and actually help the people in the country and not pay attention to what the big european big heads are hoping or trying it to pretend as if they are doing in that is the kenyan off people who have surrounded me right gary literally tens of thousands of people from all across state and this is their main goal to take matters into their own into their own hands and to help the country if nobody else will help it. the one hundred nine billion euro bellowed for greece was agreed after it approves severe austerity measures sending thousands into the streets in protest rescue will also involve lowering interest rates on greek debt and extending the repayment period a financial analyst max kaiser says it will only plunge people deeper in trouble.
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it increases the amount of debt and increases the amount of debt in the eurozone it is creased of the amount of debt in grace so this is a plan cooked up by bankers to repackage risa carrots eyes really sell debt that's what they do and it crowds out the real economy so they think that this is going to help the economy grow their way to a position of paying off this debt or paying the interest on the debt that's not going to happen because by giving bankers more dead to control the productive part of the economy you are eliminating that a part of the economy's ability to pay off this debt so the banking cancer is just becoming worse in the eurozone and worse in greece playing out the banks they're not bailing out the workers or the people who are on the ground so to speak their bailing out european banks they're bailing out wall street banks they're bailing out other banks and so doing they're increasing the debt load so it's making the
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situation much worse and they're crowding out any ability for the work workers in greece to generate enough income to pay off this debt this is consigning the population to debt service is. stay with us here on r t still ahead funding the world gold as germany's the heirs to send millions of euros to libyan rebels how will the money be used plus. nato begins handing over control of afghan provinces to local security forces but many question if there are job. this week of phone hacking and police bribery scandal was taken to the british parliament rupert murdoch his son james and former u.k. c.e.o. rebecca brooks were all grilled by lawmakers for several hours trio said they were deeply sorry for what happened but new allegations have emerged that news international chairman james murdoch misled m.p.'s by saying he was unaware of the true extent of illicit phone tapping by his company's reporters but murdoch could
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now face legal challenges in the u.s. over claims the voice mails of nine eleven victims were also targeted meanwhile britain's hacking scandal appears to be spreading beyond the murdoch empire with claims the sunday mirror tabloid also bugged celebrities voicemail messages or he's got a huge yawn reports critics believe you she was just the tip of the iceberg and societies that no longer value individual privacy. as the scandal over phone hacking by the murdoch media empire rages on public and political theory has mainly focused on ruthless tabloids out of control prepared to invade people's private lives and even the dad to get the story but some say in this day and age the whole concept of privacy is falling apart and in the last more rapidly than house where every time you tap on your cell or click on or use your meal service everybody's sort of just clicks through that you agree to our terms and conditions well those terms and conditions are very very heavily weighted against you and your privacy interests
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and we see breaches of privacy have been rationed all across america all across the world really in every sector surveillance is rampant. but really this is all a microcosm of biggest surveyor all which is the state there's little americans can do with the state having sweeping access to their private information access that followed the nine eleven terrorist attacks under a new law known as the patriot act hassani law his privacy was taken away from him in two thousand and two when he was detained by the f.b.i. for absolutely no reason he says and scrutinized for months without charge he's response for nine years he has voluntarily documented nearly every waking hour of his life on the where he has subsequently even turned it into a form of art sealed the toilet said i've used so you know that over here for example you know that on sunday november twenty fourth of two thousand and seven i
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use this toy that i went grocery shopping at safeway that there were seventy that i pass over here he posts copies of every debit card transaction so you can see what he bought where and when a g.p.s. device in his pocket reports his real time physical location on a map and this is the shot he took on his way to our studio which was immediately out loaded on his website hassan says his extraordinary abandonment of his own privacy stems from the ignorance of the authorities but in the fear they decided well i looks a little different so he must be arab and if you care of that he must have explosives everyone knows that that's the logic we're operating we we realize how ridiculous that logic sounds but when your country or your own country takes that on as the basis for national policy. ignorance as the basis of national policy is a pretty scary situation. and that's how i got caught up for haasan piracy has become a rally of the past and he says he's not surprised that journalists or anyone else
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really would use the same surveillance tactics as the state in that sense it might be of no surprise that the chief architect of the putrid act the lawyer who put it together happens to be one of murdoch's hand-picked used for board directors you served as assistant attorney general in the bush administration and was described by some as the purview of the most sweeping curtailment of freedom in the us since the mccarthy era at a time when corporations and the government can easily hack into people's private lives it doesn't come as a surprise when for example social networks give your personal information to add companies or when other industries leave on breaching people privacy in the u.s. it's so widespread and people have gotten so used to it that rupert murdoch seems to be perfect heart of the system rather than some special bill and with corporation has been undertaking some unique all lawful practices because here in
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america they are not so unique i'm kind of shut down reporting from washington r.t. . germany says it will lead libya's rebels one hundred million euros for civilian and humanitarian purposes berlin oppose the western military intervention in the country but promised to help oust gadhafi through peaceful means christiane horsetail a government consultant germany says there's no guarantees the funds will go toward peaceful way. it is really a big question of what this money is being used for first of all who controls that then next has nato ever cared for the civilian population in libya i don't think so . you know a group of countries bombing libya and using uranium weapons that of course is a group of countries not caring for the civilian population i see definitely another point here i see that the important part town of brega which is hotly debated among the rebels and the government as who owns this power now
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might be a question where some of this money might be used in fact to buy the tribes to get the town into the hands of the rebels i think that's the question here quite importantly right now to use that money i doubt what is the official language of the german government. emergency services have recovered more bodies from the russian pleasure boat that sank in the boulder river two weeks ago killing one hundred twenty people the wrecked ship has been lifted from the bottom and cogent shallow water the task is now to drain the hole so investigators can examine the vessel in detail to determine the cause of the tragedy the search continues for two others whose fate remains unknown it's believed their bodies could still be trapped somewhere inside the bulgarian sank within minutes on july tenth drowning more than half its two hundred passengers the boat's owner is under investigation and two people have already been charged with violating security regulations. and other
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stories making headlines across the globe a car bomb has killed eight soldiers in yemen's coastal city eight and the blast happened near the entrance of an army camp as a convoy of vehicles packed with troops was about to leave officials said they were being sent to fight al qaeda linked militants in a nearby province the country's been hit by months of anti-government protests including the between security forces and armed groups. a host of celebrities and friends paid tribute to a british soldier as even amy winehouse who was found dead in her london flat saturday police say the cause of death is unexplained twenty seven year old star running a myriad of awards including five grammys for music it's been held has been of the most talented singers ever age but her success was often overshadowed by a well documented battles with drugs and alcohol are the subject of her hit song rehab last month she cancelled the european tour after being booed off stage during a performance in serbia. latest operations led by
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nato and afghan forces sixteen insurgents were killed in the country so the raid comes in response to renewed taliban activity as nato begins a gradual withdrawal from afghanistan the plan is to recall all foreign combat troops by the end of twenty fourteen nato's new military commander in the country general john allen warns of tough times ahead for the war effort earlier this month the afghan president's half brother was assassinated by one of his own guards in a separate incident one of cars i was talking visors was also gunned down and how were activists brian becker thinks the coalition may be losing ground in afghanistan where the number of casualties rises. they can't win by staying in fact their presence is becoming the main catalyst for the armed insurgency not only the taliban but maybe one hundred forty armed groups and they can't leave either because if they leave there will be a perception that the us and nato were defeated by an armed insurgency but this
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dilemma must be solved some way so ultimately the united states cannot prevail the assassination of karzai as brother and his inner circle shows that the edifice of the karzai regime necessary at least to get an afghan face to the nato occupation that itself is now crumbling these armed attacks these assassination attempts are designed to create panic and i think in all likelihood they are creating panic within the very heart the foundation of the karzai government the u.s. is losing grown steadily it's spending one hundred twenty billion dollars a year that's an increasing amount from the treasury that's already drained based on huge budget deficits here the number of casualties on the afghan and american side is is increasing not decreasing and yet they're no closer to victory in fact they're losing control of the country and the government that they sponsor is is in fact in danger of crumbling i would say the u.s. isn't gained anything i think the u.s. is losing ground it's spite of what david petraeus and the obama administration say
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this is a bad situation possibly a catastrophe for the united states as nato began to hand over control of parts of afghanistan to the local security force and some analysts fear the country is illiquid to fend off insurgency would have four and eight there was concern too that afghans are divided with some worry it will open the door to the return of taliban rule jason has more. there's confusion on the faces of the afghan army soldiers as a firefight unfolds on the other side of the wall looking for them this is the kabul military training center and the bullets being fired blanks i mean here halfway through a ten week program and the officers don't cut the many slack when it's over they'll be deployed in eastern congo province one of afghanistan's most violent corners and more but we must push them hard so they can perform under pressure day by day we're making progress the afghan national army has already come a long way its ranks of swollen to about one hundred seventy thousand troops thanks to fresh waves of recruits attracted by higher wages and extra perks for soldiers
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and says they are all united in their desire to be back to tell them that insurgency regardless of age or ethnicity then in the army we are old brothers and we are all called by one name god by the call of duty is also struck a chord beyond able bodied males a first ever class of women soldiers has just graduated its. and there's even a mujahideen unit made up of hardened veterans of the anti soviet you're hot this is all good news to u.s. military planners have said the two thousand and fourteen million to hand over security responsibilities to the afghans the afghan army enjoys a much better reputation of the police force is even featured in the recent movie. but is the army takes greater responsibility for security around the country there are concerns that the quality of troops may be coming at the expense of quality starters more than eighty percent of troops are literally a big problem when you build each of the maps and numbers can spell the difference between life and death adding to the was
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a widespread drug use and desertions today roughly one in four combat soldiers quit their post critics also point out that the military leadership is made up of many rival ex warlords who still command loyalties along regional definite lines and could drag the country deeper into conflict as the u.s. begins to scale back its role as custodian this summer there are concerns that these divisions may flare up if i start mutual. ninety thousand each of the kids in each of these. groups of the groups who concluded yet another obstacle for young still has much to offer the fourth can still. choose and with low income for some. the u.s. has been carrying out unmanned drone strikes in pakistan for years but now one of the supervisors of the program is in the crosshairs himself former cia official john rizzo faces a lawsuit over civilian casualties human rights lawyers and families of the victims
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are seeking an arrest warrant against him a claim or is approved a list of targets for drone strikes that often resulted in the scores of civilian deaths tara marie is a member of a campaign group that's bringing action against rizzo she tells our team that washington must be held to account for its operations in pakistan. thus far these drones have been operating in pakistan in the federal parliament tribal areas part time and they've been operating in secret by the cia and they've been killing indiscriminately hundreds of civilians and so the purpose of this is this hopefully it's a good sort of transparency out of out of the cia and out of obama and sued to get some justice on behalf of the victims of these drone strikes as we know the u.s. is not a war in pakistan the usa is operating extra legally by carrying out these drone strikes in pakistan in yemen and somalia and in terms of it being disproportionate you know we have numbers coming out of pakistan that indicate that you know for
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every one suspected militants being killed one hundred forty and ascend civilians are dying as a result of these strikes and so if those numbers are correct you know we have people on the ground who are who are gathering information who are doing the investigation to try to collect the information so that we can bring a more transparent more honest picture to the public about what's happening in pakistan that's the main news this hour be back with the headlines after a short break stay with us here on r.t. .
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twenty years ago in the largest country in. search of places of books. the first six months how did the to cook the chicken adjusts for where did it take i'm. just so.
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just so. the fox. will come to the folks couldn't see the splash in the world of heights or business questions in advance science you know i just cheap products just don't understand calling trophies is going to be follow russian invaders to each of peter's and brawn and their big breakthrough back home sunlight on stocks once acknowledging updates here on the phone we've got the future covered.


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